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Servant Leadership Lessons for Middle School


Co-authored with my son, Daniel McNamee. Our kids have great potential to be leaders. Even in younger years, they can take real-world skills and make them relevant to their lives. Their learning becomes something they may use to one day make the world and those around them better. You might be looking for leadership lessons that will enhance such skills in your middle school students. Chock-full of "teacher-tested and teacher-approved" 30-minute lessons, this book will help educators grow and equip young servant leaders.

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Become a Better Leader

A short introduction to leadership.


Leadership is continually being reinvented as new leaders and challenges emerge. It is literally bubbling up at the margins of emerging communities and cultures. Even in established businesses and organizations, new leaders emerge daily as yesterday’s team member unexpectedly finds they have been promoted to positions of influence and quickly need to understand what it means to lead.

Descendents Bookcover.jpg
The Descendants of James McNamee


This book explores the direct descendants of James McNamee of Ireland and their migration across America to settle in Nebraska.

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G.J. - A World War II Memoir


Roughly 14 million American men and women fought in World War II. Most of their stories remain untold. Quartermaster First Class George Joseph Schiffer, a first generation Hungarian-American from New York enlisted in the U.S. Navy less than two weeks after Pearl Harbor and stepped onto the docks of San Francisco after the war ended in 1945. In between he dropped depth charges in Naval action against Nazi submarines in the Gulf of Mexico and delivered supplies and combat troops to the beaches of the Philippines and Okinawa while dodging Japanese Kamikaze attacks. This biographical memoir tells the story of a quiet hero who, like millions of the “greatest generation,” only did what needed to be done.

Journeys Cover.jpg

In this his first collection, David McNamee offers twenty-six essays – lighthearted reflections on life's journey. In this captivating memoir, "Journeys" delves into the author's poignant recollections of growing up in a world defined by constant change as the norm.

From lunchtime card games in a high school classroom to the allure of a granddaughter's simple request, follow the author's journey of self-discovery and creative awakening. Through introspective musings penned over the years, "Journeys" offers a glimpse into a mind teeming with untold stories, restless thoughts, and the quest for inner peace amid external chaos.

With prose that resonates with honesty, vulnerability, and warm humor, this memoir invites readers to explore the author's journey of writing as a means of navigating life's uncertainties and smoothing the ruffles of a restless mind. "Journeys" is a timeless tale of resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of storytelling to illuminate the shadows of the past and shape a path towards healing.

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